Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

What to Expect

Upon Scheduling

Once you have scheduled to have your junk removed by Eco-Haulers you will receive an email confirming your appointment date, arrival window , address and any other pertinent job details.

The Day of Your Appointment

ON the day of your junk removal your crew will arrive within the two-hour window as planned and will give you at least a courtesy call at least 30 minutes prior to the crew’s arrival

Upon arrival, your crew lead will evaluate your job’s site and requirements and issue you a “to not exceed” Estimate showing your max charges. Upon acceptance of this estimate the crew will begin working immediately and efficiently.

When the crew has completely loaded all of your Junk into our truck the crew lead will then measure the load and then bill will bill accordingly.

Simple as that your junk is Gone!

Rest assured that you “junk” will be handled in an extremely environmentally safe environment.